Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Tuesday with Mylo

I was worried sick when Mylo began to vomit occasionally. So, my sister & I decided to take him to the vet in Kiulap today.

checking his temperature - found to be normal

checking his ears for ear mites

confirm ada ear mites!!

The doctor even let me see the mites in the microscope. eeeeeww..

He told me that it could be the reason why bulu nya luruh..kesian si Mylo tadi. And when the dr cleaned his ears, he was surprised that si Mylo teranah..katanya biasanya kucing ani inda suka kana bersihkan telinga drg. Told him probably he get used to it since i always do it everytime I gave him a shower..

Anyway as for his vomiting, it could be a digestion problem. So he was prescribed with tablets, liquid and also eardrops!


palau after makan ubat kali he he

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Monday, February 02, 2009

Sunday in Lumut

We did a lot of work today at the house. I brought along my sister and 2 cousins to help me out. Went there around 1pm. Fed them at CA Mohd Seria before we started the heavy work load. hehe. Supaya semangat sikit kraja! We managed to do a few re-arrangement of the furniture. Tired yawww..Went home ard 7 ish!

i've emptied this room especially for Mylo & Moe :D

The Guest Room

Wardrobe in the guest room. One of it was originally from the master bedroom.

Was trying out the shower curtain that i bought..luckily ngam banar! Need to buy another 2

The messy kitchen..i dunno where to start!
o ya..pink dustbin which matches the pink kitchen! Haha..sekadar jua!

TV cabinet which used to be in the living room..that was seriously heavy!

Ani Break time: Adek & my sister main "daun terup" hehe..and Abg was doing his maghrib prayer.
I wonder what to fill in that empty wall haha *hint-hint*

Mau nya simpan di mana ya :D

Hopefully its not raining later.. or let it rain kali..so that we don't have to work! huhu

i need a massage!! urghh


4 hari lagi!

<3 face="trebuchet ms">


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Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Road

Notice the road to the house is very sampit! This picture is taken masa keluar dari pagar rumah..

and i have to learn to read this thing.. checking it for the next 3 days to ensure that the number is running..so ertinya meter ani baik.. "krg bnyk bayarrran"

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Independent Woman

I had an amazingly productive day today. I managed to find my way to the electricity and water department in SERIA!!!! :O Well, of course with the help of my colleague's own way of explaining. Cigu Geography jua! he he..But knowing me, i'm very very bad in finding direction! Ada sasat sedikit la..pusing-pusing jua ulihnya! I hate the small round-about!! I hate the bad road! Mana lagi ujan labat..that really didn't help at all! *sigh*

But, alhamdullilah everything is settled already. The last thing i need to do is to send the form to MOE, insya-Allah tomorrow.

After settling everything, I went to the house before heading back to Tutong. Before that, i dropped by my in-law's house to get some of our precious wedding gifts. My mother & sister-in law decided to tag along. They love the house as well..and my sis-in-law was practically green with envy. hehe. She wished to have a bungalow instead of her two storey house.

Anyway, i'm grateful they were there to help me to unload the stuff from my car. I just put everything in the kitchen. Hopefully, i will be able to organize it over the weekend.

I'm just too excited..I can't concentrate on my work! (Lina..u've been there :D) As a result, I became very lazy hehe..I can't wait to have a place of our own..the large space that we have always dream about..can't believe it's really happening :) yipeeeee

Awg metu$$$in, we need u \m/

Baby, IMU!!!

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Monday, January 26, 2009

The Visit

we have a visitor already hehe

.. the other side

belakang rumah.. Mcm bnyk pokok mangga ani

the rooms

Master bedroom.. (i know!! i hate tabirnya hehe)

there's a small room inside and a bathroom

the bathroom

outside bathroom

.. and another (i guess we have too much bathrooms for both of us hee)

room 1

room 2

room 3

room 4 is filled with the study table only

and lastly..

on second thought.. the space could probably fit the bouncer!! :D

oh ya.. while taking pictures outside, i found out my neighbour is one of my students!!!! :O It was funny tadi.. I think both of us was kinda shocked he he

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Sunday, January 25, 2009

A New Beginning

This is for my Darlin hubby who is currently in Oman ;)

The front porch

Home sweet Home

welcome :)

Half of the living room

..and the other side (Thank God for the new air-con)

.. and new curtains as well

another view (well..almari atu inda plang di sana tu krg hehe)

I've noticed they even changed the lamp & fans..tho i'm not in favour of that sort of fans..it doesn't serve its purpose..decorative fan bah nganya tu hehe

My beloved dad

The dining room

The 2nd front door hehe

overlooking the kitchen

The kitchen..and the laundry room.. (Landlord was kind enough to give us a washing machine..nda plang steady but hehe that will do for the time being)

where action will take place :o

baby..u'll definitely love the sink! hehe

.. to be continued

Will take more pictures 2moro!

Come home soon


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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Goodbye 2008

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Friday, September 12, 2008

Happy birthday my beloved daddy

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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Sepatu ku :p

well here's the thing..i never like to ask people to buy any slippers/shoes for me due to some reasons..

First, pictures can be deceiving..Never never trust 'em!It may look soOoo lawa dalam gambar but somehow, sometimes, it may be a bit disappointing when u see the real thing. For me, you have to try it on..u walk in it..and view it in the mirror at various angles haha! Mesti pusing-pusing dulu dalam dua tiga kali..baru sah hehe

Second, different shoes/slippers have different sizes. At times, i can fit into a size 5 but certain shoes i can be a size 6 or worst i cannot fit into any of those sizes. This happened when my dearest loving hub bought me slippers from M&S for the hantaran, which, i never got the chance to wear it cos it's just too small for my average feet!!! Unfortunately, it has become one of our dust collectors item!

So yes, he still lurveeeeeeee to buy me slippers despite the consequences (although i strictly ask him not to..) hehe

my havaianas

he's currently obsessed with havaianas just because he find it very comfortable and thought that i must own one too :p *giling giling*

Another one that he bought is seychelles. I never heard of this brand. Biasa sudah dgn Vincci kali..although ada Charles&Keith, i still prefer Vincci. I tried buying C&K once. Lawa but it wasn't comfy and i find it a bit pricey hmm..

Ok back to this seychelles..he introduced me this brand since it was available there. So he gave me the website so that i can browse through..mana tau ada yg terpakai. The website is so cool!! Even the shoes/slippers are pretty cute just because they give them a name! Examples Under construction, Ms fix it, lipgloss, controversy Haha..unique oh?! i find it adorable :D

Actually inda plang berapa bnyk choice..which is good ey?hehe ertinya inda jua membali kan! Anyway the one which catches my eyes are tell all & power yoga! Nice nice..me likey! They are more like fun to wear..Well like i said, doubtful jua kan menyuruh menyimbat..ijap inda muat karang!

But knowing him being stubborn as always, he called me up this afternoon. He said i'm at seychelles and the one that u want abis ;( Sold out! i was surprise jua..bukan apa..he was serious to buy me those! *horror*

So masa atu half palau..(paham la..afternoon = nap hehe), kana suruh buka the website..and he gave me a few names for me to choose. He sounded like he was on a mission.."bah ada pencil sana..write this down.." LOL!

After checking through the list, i was left with two choices. Since masih palau and i was not in the mood to think..i just gave him the authority to pick anything that he likes! huhuhu..kalat mata bah!

My first seychelles

..and i just remembered that my baju raya is green..what a coincidence!

..and the owner said he was a good husband..


Indeed, you are!

thank you baby!

ILU xoxo!

woohoo he's coming home this friday!

*lumpat lumpat*

o ya..in case u are curious,




enjoy :))))

and happy fasting!

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Monday, August 25, 2008

From OMAN, with LOVE

i miss those feet

i miss u more


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Saturday, August 23, 2008

My Experimental Layout

Apologize for the quality of pictures..it's a bit blurry..hehe what do you expect from a phone camera?

Sister & the boyfie

Kalau yang rabun..click on the image hehe

i love the idea of stamping & embossing!

~ saya budak baru belajar..kalau salah tolong tunjuk kan ;p ~

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mathematics Genius

As predicted all my 4SC1 kids have done well in their add.maths paper. yay! i am jumping with joy [: In fact, their average passing mark was 77%, which is even higher than the mid year & the first test. Alhamdulillah ~

Although, i would think that this second test was much easier since it only covered three topics. Then again, with no effort i believe they will not succeed as well. At first, i was expecting a few 90's but to my disappointment, only one managed to obtain exactly 90 and the rest 80+ saja due to lots & lots of careless mistakes *grr* BUT One boy scored a 100%!!! :O his work was so perfect that i could not find any mark to potong hehehe

As for my 4C, ada 4 survivors out of 24 whereas my 4D only 2 out of 17! Inda heran la tu ah..knowing that ada pass pun bersyukur sudah..i pity them especially those who have worked hard..tapi ada jua a few yg masa previous exam single digit mark nya, have improved to about 30+ %..which is not bad actually looking at their level. So have to puji-puji jua durang telling them they have shown some improvement so that durang motivate kan mo belajar..amin :)

bored waiting for me to finish marking huhu

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